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It may be the world's favorite sex toy, but the vibrator is also the most misunderstood. We've compiled this mega-list of answers to the most frequent questions about vibrators. Can't find your question answered here? Submit it below and we'll do our best to post an answer.



Basic Information
How do vibrators work?
Do all vibrators feel the same?
Is a vibrator the same as a massager?
Can I use a massager for masturbation?
What is a facial massager?
Where can I buy vibrators online?

Vibrators for Men
What is the best vibrator for a man?
How do I use a vibrator on a man?
Can I use a vibrator on my balls?
What is a vibrating cock ring?
What is a vibrating penis pump?
What is a vibrating butt plugs?

Using Vibrators
How do I give myself an orgasm?
How do I use it on my partner?
Can I insert a vibrator into my vagina?
Can I insert one in my ass?
How do I stimulate my G-spot?
How do I stimulate my prostate?
What kind of lube should I use?
Should I put a condom over my vibrator?
What are vibrator attachments?

Safety and Cautions
Can I hurt myself?
Can I get an infection? (new!)
Can I electrocute myself?
What if I get it stuck in my vagina?
What if I get it stuck in my ass?
Is it safe in a bath, hot tub, or shower?
Is it safe to use someone else's vibe?
Can a hard plastic vibe break and injure me?
How long will my vibrator last?
Are there signs of impending breakdown?

Orgasms and General Sexuality
Can a vibrator give me my first orgasm?
Will a vibe help me come during intercourse?
Is it good preparation for my first time?
If I use a vibrator, am I still a virgin?
What is the fastest way to reach orgasm? (new!)
I still can't come. What am I doing wrong?
Why won't my vibrator get me off anymore?

Homemade Vibrators
Can I make my own vibrator?
Can I use my cell phone as a vibrator?


High-Tech Vibrators
How do remote control vibrators work?
Why would I want a remote controlled vibe?
Can I use one in public?
Can I accidentally control someone else's toy?
What is cyberdildonics or teledildonics?

Vibrating Sex Toys
What is a vibrating butt plug?
What is a vibrating dildo?
What are vibrating nipple clamps?
What are vibrating anal beads?
What is a vibrating anal probe?

Storage and Care
How should I store vibrators?
How should I clean it?
If my vibrator breaks can I get it fixed?
Can I get my vibrator wet?

Types of Vibrators
What are multifunction vibrators?
What is a Swedish massager?
What is a coil vibrator?
What is the eroscillator?

History of Vibrators
Who invented vibrators?
Were they always used for sex?
Were can I see or buy antique vibes?

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Questions about Batteries
What are the best batteries?
How long will batteries last?
Are there rechargeable vibrators?
How do I silence noisy batteries?


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