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Can I use a massager for masturbation?

Short Answer: Yes, as long as its design is adaptable to use on the genital area.

Long Answer: Most devices sold as "massagers" can be and are used as vibrators for sexual stimulation. Massagers that would not be suitable for use on the genitals are those that are designed specifically for other parts of the anatomy, such as the feet or back. Percussive massagers for the back and shoulders aren't likely be effective tools for masturbation, but who knows? Maybe some people enjoy having their penis or pussy pummeled.

Massagers tend to produce stronger vibrations, so if the sensation is too intense, you may need to place a towel between yourself and the machine for padding, or use the massager through your clothes. Special attachments are available for both the Hitachi Magic Wand and coil vibrators, such as Wahl massagers, that are designed specifically for genital stimulation, including attachments for vaginal or anal penetration and "cum cups" for stimulating the penis head.

Swedish style massagers, which strap to the back of the hand, turn your entire hand into a vibrator, allowing skin-to-skin contact and stimulation with the fingers. Just be careful not to get your pubic hair caught in the straps.

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