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What is teledonics or cyberdildonics?

Short Answer: Teledildonics, or cyberdildonics: using a computer and Web interface to control a vibrator remotely. The technology has existed for several years, but it is not commonly used or widely available.

Long Answer: Teledildonics was once hailed as the future of cybersex and the ultimate in safe sex. However, nothing much has happened with this technology since its inception in the late '90s, probably due to the difficulty of implementing it over the Web.

The way it's supposed to work is that you plug a vibrator into your computer, then you establish a connection with your cyber partner via Internet. This may involve using Webcams to enhance the experience visually. Your partner, using their keyboard or other controls on their computer, can then operate your vibrator, switching it on or off or adjusting the speed. During the experience you communicate with them over Internet chat.

There are no companies that currently offer this service or technology to the public, although the Open Dildonics project is devoted to creating open source hardware and software to this end. There is also something called the Virtual Sex Machine, which is a penile stimulator that plugs into a computer's printer port and is programmed to respond in synch to onscreen action in certain specially coded videos.

Finally, although it's not controlled through your computer, you can buy a vibrator that is powered by your computer:

This vibrator plugs into your USB port and draws its current from the computer's power source. It's not controlled through your computer or mouse; the switches are on a controller attached to the vibrator. Nevertheless, it's a nifty high-tech toy.

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What is cyberdildonics or teledildonics?

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