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Can I use my cell phone as a vibrator?

Short Answer: Yes, you can turn your cell phone into a vibrator by selecting the vibration alert feature on your phone and then repeatedly causing it to go off either manually or by using software.

Long Answer: Most cell phone users are familiar with the vibration-only alert feature, which produces an intermittent vibration in response to an incoming call or text message. To use your phone or handheld as a vibrator, access your phone's settings and select the vibration-only alert. You can then activate the vibration by calling your own cell phone number repeatedly from another phone or by using the phone's "test" feature repeatedly.

Software to continuously activate your phone's vibration alert is available for download via WAP. Two such programs are IQ Vibrate from IQ Mobile, and Shape Services' Massage Vibra. Both of these will run only on certain brands and models of phone, so check the distributor's site to see if your cell phone is compatible before you make a purchase. You must have wireless Internet service on your phone in order to download one of these applications.

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Can I make my own vibrator?
Can I use my cell phone as a vibrator?

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