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Can I make my own vibrator?

Short Answer: You probably won't be able to build one from scratch, but there are lots of handy things you can use or adapt. An electric toothbrush is by far the most popular device used as a vibrator.

Long Answer: Although you can buy a kit to make your own dildo, so far you still can't get a kit to build your own vibrator. However, there are several household items that contain vibrating or oscillating components that you can use. Electric toothbrushes have the advantages of being small, discreet, and fairly powerful. You can use them as a vibrator with or without the brush attachment. You can modify them by slipping a piece of flexible rubber hose or tubing over the brush to create a more comfortable "wand". Heck, you could even fashion a "dildo" out of foam rubber or styrofoam, bore a hole in the center to insert the brush, and cover the whole thing with a condom to create a homemade vibrating dick.

Other suggestions:

  • Video game controllers with vibrating units.
  • Personal handheld fans.
  • Small handheld mixers.
  • The washing machine during agitation or spin cycles (you have to sit on it).
  • Cell phones or pagers with vibration alert features.
One thing to keep in mind is that most of these small devices are not intended for prolonged use, so extended sessions may cause their motors to overheat or the batteries to drain quickly. For regular use, it's best to get an actual vibrator.

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Homemade Vibrators
Can I make my own vibrator?
Can I use my cell phone as a vibrator?

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