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All Sex Reviews - Expert reviews of adult products, including vibrators and other toys, videos and DVDs, and erotic books.
Clean Sheets - An online erotica magazine featuring fiction, poetry, articles, and advice for all orientations. - Information on sexuality and masturbation for women. Lots of advice, articles, stories, and product reviews.
Freddy and Eddy - A comprehensive sex advice site for couples. Articles, how-tos, product reviews, links and resources.
How to Have Good Sex - Sex education experts offer tips to teach you how to have good sex. Includes a variety of information from Internet dating to sexual pleasure techniques.
Pucker Up - Site of anal sex guru Tristan Taormino
Jilling for Her - Masturbation tricks and tips for women. Tutorials, articles, stories.
Lady Lynx - A directory of erotic links geared toward heterosexual women.
Sexual Health - Sex information, education, and support for people living with disability or illness.
Solo Touch - A masturbation resource site for men and women. Features reader-contributed experiences and techniques. ehind.
Aberrant News - Very cool sex links

Annie Sprinkle - Sex educator, lecturer and performer Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. is dedicated to spreading an enlighted message of sexual pleasure for all.
Oral Caress - Sexologist Robert Birch, Ph.D. offers sexual resources and advice on oral sex and other techniques for couples. Dr. Ducky Doolittle - Dr. Ducky gives sex-positive advice that's smart, funny, and inclusive.
LibidoMag - Quality erotic fiction and articles, galleries, and sex resources.
Ask Isadora - Syndicated advice columnist and certified sexologist Isadora Alman answers all your questions about sexuality.
Sexuality Talk - A guide to sex toys for women. Advice on lube, vibrators, and more.
Strap-On Lovers Guide to the WWW - A resource site for women and men who enjoy using strap-on dildos together.
Strap-On.Org - A progressive, queer-centered, sex-positive, girl-friendly online community.

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