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Is it possible for a hard plastic vibrator to break and injure me?

Short Answer: Although unlikely, this is possible, and the risk increases with the age of the vibrator. To avoid such a scenario, examine your vibrator before use, checking for cracks or unusual noises. Better yet, buy a vibrator made of an unbreakable material.

Long Answer: Although it's rare, there have been reported cases of vibrators breaking and causing internal injuries, and older, dildo-shaped vibrators with hard plastic cases are likely to be more prone to crack. Plastic becomes brittle with age, and the prolonged stress caused by vibrations can cause it to fatigue and fracture.

If you are concerned about this, examine your vibrator for cracking, especially at the tip, base, and along any seams. Look for discoloration, fading, or chalky appearance. Check for unusual noises like rattling, both when it is shut off and when it's running. Don't use a plastic vibrator that has been dropped on a hard floor or otherwise damaged on a hard surface. If you hear it go crunch consider it a lost cause and replace it.

Even better, replace it before it breaks with a newer model with a casing made of an unbreakable material likesiliconeor jelly rubber, or trade up to an electrical model. If the vibrator in question is really old, consider donating it to the Antique Vibrator Museum...unless it's a family heirloom.

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