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How long can a vibrator be used before throwing it away?

Short Answer: A vibrator's durability depends on its quality, type, and what it's made of. A vibrator's lifespan can be anywhere from a few months to several years. In general, don't keep an inexpensive plastic or rubber vibrator for more than 3 years. More expensive electrical vibrators can be used until they quit working.

Long Answer: If a vibrator is in good running condition and the material is durable, there's no reason to discard it until it stops working. However, most cheap vibrators have a limited lifespan due to the quality of the case and the components. In cheap vibrators, the wiring frays, the motors jam; in some cases the outside is actually the most durable part of the device. More than likely, your vibrator will give up the ghost before it becomes a hazard to anyone.

Nevertheless, at a certain point, you may want to retire your mechanical buddy either for safety or aesthetic reasons. Inexpensive vibrators, if they last that long, should not be used for more than a few years. Longer than that, and the casing material is going to be getting gummy and worn out if it's made of rubber, jelly, or Cyberskin. Plastic vibrators can get brittle, and especially if they have been knocked around a bit, subject to cracking.

Higher-end electrical vibrators like coil vibrators or the Hitachi Magic Wand, on the other hand, can last several years, or even a couple of decades, depending on how much you use them. The only reason to discard an electrical vibrator is if the motor develops problems, i.e., if it starts overheating, sounding funny, or smelling odd. If you use rubber or silicone attachments with your electrical vibrator, you may want to replace them after a few years if you use them frequently or if they show signs of age.

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