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What should I do if I get a vibrator stuck in my vagina?

Short Answer: Turn it off. Try to relax. Breathe. Get some lube up in there and try to ease it out while bearing down with your pelvic muscles.

Long Answer: If you get a vibrator stuck in your vagina, turn it off (if you can reach the controls). If the vibrator has an external battery pack, remove the batteries. Take deep breaths and try to relax your vagina and abdominal muscles. Apply as much lube as possible to your vagina without pushing the vibrator further in. Bear down like you're trying to give birth to the vibrator. If you can, stretch your vagina by inserting two or three fingers and spreading them. If the vibrator has wires attached from a battery or control pack, be careful when pulling on them, as them may detach.

Because the vagina is relatively short, you should be able to get the vibrator out. If you can't, and if you are experiencing pain, your pelvic and vaginal muscles are probably spasming and you need medical attention. Go to the emergency room. Yes, it's embarrassing, but they've seen everything. They'll give you something to relax the muscles and will extract the device manually.

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