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What are vibrating anal beads?

Short Answer: Anal beadsare a series of balls on a string or rod for insertion into the anus. The balls produce stimulation as they pass through the sphincter. They are often pulled out at the moment of climax. Vibrating anal beads contain a vibrating element to increase stimulation while they are held in the rectum.

Long Answer: Anal beads stimulate the anus by popping in and out of the sphincter, and vibrating anal beads add to the fun by vibrating while inside the rectum. Traditional anal beads are basically a series of balls strung on a cord that are pushed one by one into the anus, and then pulled out, often at the moment of climax for maximum effect. Another version of this toy is a series of balls that are stacked or connected by a solid piece of material. In either case the effect is similar, creating a rippling effect as the balls move in and then out of the anal sphincter.

Vibration augments the anal stimulation provide by this toy, especially when the balls are held inside the rectum. The anal nerve ending are extremely sensitive, and the smallest movement becomes greatly magnified. The addition of vibrators in the beads also increases their weight, which produces sensations that some people find pleasurable.

When purchasing vibrating anal beads, consider the construction and location of the vibrating element. If the vibrator wire and extraction cord are one in the same, you can expect that they probably are not going to hold up very long due to the stress of repeatedly pulling on the wire.

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