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What is a vibrating anal probe?

Short Answer: A vibrating anal probe is a long slender probe for insertion in the anus that contains a vibrator for additional stimulation.

Long Answer: Vibrating anal probes, alien abductions aside, are sex toys meant to stimulate the ass, usually through depth rather than girth. Anal probes are usually quite slender, although some have beads or bumped surfaces to provide extra stimulation. Vibrations can greatly enhance the value of this toy, since the rectum is so sensitive that the smallest sensation is greatly amplified.

Many probes feature multifunction vibrations, meaning that the vibrations pulse in different patterns or run up and down the shaft of the probe. Given the sensitivity of the inside of the ass, these sensations can actually be quite erotic, as can probes with bumps and beads. Although these toys are not quite as versatile as vibrating dildos, if you enjoy anal stimulation but have a low threshold for anal penetration or don't want to get too stretched out, an anal probe may be right up your alley.

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