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What is a vibrating dildo?

Short Answer: A dildo is a penis-shaped toy used for sexual stimulation or to simulate vaginal or anal intercourse. A vibrating dildocan be either a vibrator in the shape of a dildo, or a dildo designed primarily for penetration that also contains a small removable vibrator.

Long Answer: At one time, there were plastic, phallic-shaped vibrators for stimulation, and there were rubber dildos for penetration, and the two were separate entities. At some point in the evolution of sex toys, someone got the bright idea of combining the two, and they began to merge, and thus begat a myriad of offspring of every imaginable color and size, including the jack rabbit vibe and the vibrating double dong.

Since technically, a dildo is any phallic-shaped device meant for sexual insertion, smooth plastic vibrators do still qualify as vibrating dildos. But when most people associate the word dildo with something that looks more like an actual dick. There are some extremely realistic looking dildos that vibrate, as well as some extremely unrealistic looking ones. While most of these toys have the vibrator integrated into the dildo itself, there are also dildos available with removable egg or bullet vibrators.

Vibrating dildos can be used either to stimulate just the clitoris and external labia, or they can be used for penetration as well, with or without the vibrator turned on. Many women enjoy using a vibrating dildo in both capacities, to stimulate their clit as well as the vagina, often alternating the two. Vibrating dildos with built in clit stimulators, like jack rabbit type vibrators, stimulate both the clit and vagina simultaneously.

Vibrating strap-on dildos are worn by one person, attached with a harness or elastic straps, and are used to penetrate another person either vaginally or anally. Vibrating strap-ons can be stimulating for both the wearer and the person being fucked. The vibration often transfers back to the person wearing the harness, and in some cases, there is a small vibrators positioned to stimulate the clit or balls of the person wearing the strap-on.

One thing to take into account with vibrating dildos is that the dildo material itself will absorb some of the vibrations. For this reason, vibrating dildos made out of softer materials like jelly rubber and cyberskin, which is flesh-like, may have somewhat dampened vibrations. More solid materials like hard rubber, vinyl, plastic, and silicone transmit vibrations better.

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