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If I use a vibrator, will I still be a virgin?

Short Answer: That depends on how you use it and how you define virginity.

Long Answer: If you insert a vibrator into your vagina, you may break your hymen (a membrane at the entrance of the vagina). But many women break their hymens by using tampons or through other nonsexual activities. Most people define a virgin as someone who has not had sexual intercourse - with an actual partner, as opposed to a dildo, vibrator, or other object. If your definition of virginity hinges on cultural customs or religious beliefs, you will have to refer to a higher authority for the answer.

If you are trying to preserve your virginity, because you are waiting until marriage or for some other reason, and using a vibrator doesn't violate the definition of virginity as defined in your belief system, then using a vibrator for masturbating can be a great way to gratify your natural sexual needs in a safe and healthy manner.

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