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If my vibrator breaks can I get it fixed?

Short Answer: Most inexpensive vibrators will simply have to be replaced when they break. Higher quality models may be covered by manufacturer warranty.

Long Answer: Like all small electrical or electronic devices, vibrators are prone to occasionally malfunction or break. In most cases, repairing them is a lost cause, especially if they were cheaply made from inexpensive components to begin with. If you're handy with a tool kit and soldering gun, by all means, take a stab at it (at your own risk), but you can't really take your Pulse-a-Matic G-Spot Wonder Vibe in to the repair shop the way you would a VCR.

For hygiene reasons, most stores and Web or mail-order businesses that sell sex toys don't accept returns on items unless they make a mistake on the order. Don't despair, though, because many vibrators, massagers, and other sex toys are actually covered by warranties that can extend anywhere from 30 days to two years. Be sure you save all receipts and invoices that come with your purchase in case there is a problem.

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If my vibrator breaks can I get it fixed?
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