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How should I store my vibrators?

Short Answer: Keep it in a secure, dry location where it will not be moved around a lot. Under the bed in a shoe box is usually a safe bet. Take the batteries out when you store it.

Long Answer: You want to keep your toys clean and safe, so don't just chuck your vibrator under the bed with the dust bunnies, where the dog might find it and mistake it for a chewy toy. Keep them in a closed container. A shoe box is fine. Wrap them in a clean t-shirt or towel. Put the box in a spot where it won't be moved around a lot, under the bed, in a nightstand drawer or closet.

It's always a good idea to take the batteries out of your vibrator when storing it for two reasons: it prolongs the life of the batteries, and it eliminates the risk that the vibrator may get accidentally switched on.

Storage and Care
How should I store vibrators?
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