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Can I get my vibrator wet?

Short Answer: Don't get your vibrator wet (i.e., take it in the shower, bath, pool, or otherwise submerge it) unless it is waterproof and designed to be used in water.

Long Answer: Most vibrators will specify on the packaging whether or not they can be used in water. If a vibrator is waterproof, the manufacturer will likely tout this as a selling point. If you're not sure if your vibrator can be subjected to water, don't guess. At the worst, you may give yourself a shock, and you most likely will disable the vibrator. If you want to be able to use your vibrator in the tub, pool, or shower, or you just want to be able to run it under the faucet to clean up without worrying, there are a lot of waterproof vibes on the market that will suit your needs.

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Can I get my vibrator wet?

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