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What is an Eroscillator?

Short Answer: An Eroscillator is a specially designed vibrator that looks a bit like an electric toothbrush. It has a small head that moves from side to side. This is the vibrator endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Long Answer: The Eroscillator is perhaps the most pedigreed sex toy on the market. According to the official Eroscillator website, it is the creation of a "world renowned" Swiss designer and is "scientifically engineered." It looks like a large, bronze electric toothbrush. The head moves in a back-and-forth, side-to-side motion that is meant to mimic the movement of a finger on the clitoris. There are a few attachments available for it, including one that resembles anal beads, and another with tufts of brushes. There is also a cup attachment that can be used on penises, so men can also use this device.

The Eroscillator is endorsed by sex advice guru Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and is touted as being "university tested," referring to a study conducted by Louis Lieberman and Mary Cuadrado, two sexologists at City University of New York. Their findings indicate that the women in their test group reported more orgasms and more intense orgasms while using the Eroscillator, compared to a coil vibrator and an Hitachi Magic Wand. A majority of the women also preferred the Eroscillator's features over those of the other vibrators. However, it seems telling that the only place these results have been published is on a handful of sites that sell the Eroscillator products.

With a starting price of $99.95, the Eroscillator is a serious investment, but if its user testimonials of mind-blowing orgasms are accurate, it may be worth it for some people.

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