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What is a Swedish massager?

Short Answer: A Swedish massager is an electrical vibrator with a strong motor that straps onto the back of your hand, essentially turning your entire palm and fingers into a vibrator.

Long Answer: Swedish massagers are strong electric vibrators designed for use on the back and large muscle groups. They strap onto the back of the hand to facilitate a rubbing and patting motion with the palm during massages. Although somewhat heavy and clunky, they can also easily be used for masturbation, by placing your hand over your genitals or touching them with your fingers while wearing the massager on your hand. The nice thing about a Swedish massager is that it combines vibration with manual stimulation by transmitting the vibrations through your hand.

Swedish massagers have powerful motors, which make them rather noisy. Another possible drawback of Swedish massagers is the intensity of their vibration. Some people find their genitals become desensitized after using a really strong vibrator over time. Also, if you use one for too long during one session, your hand may actually start to go numb. If you find the vibration level provides too much stimulation on your genitals, try using the massager through your clothing, or through a towel or blanket. This is sometimes preferable anyway, as pubic hair can get caught in the hand straps.

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