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What are vibrator attachments used for?

Short Answer: Attachments for vibrators are designed either for vaginal or anal insertion, or to provide different types of external stimulation.

Long Answer: If you've purchased a vibrator that came with a few different attachments, some of them may look rather puzzling. Their explicit purposes will depend on the type of vibrator and whether it was sold as a sex toy or a massager. Vibrators sold as sex toys often come with attachments for vaginal and anal insertion, and for clitoral or penile stimulation.

Vibrators that are sold for muscle massage, on the other hand, come with attachments that are designed to stimulate the skin, scalp, and muscles,  and not necessarily in a sexual manner. Which is not to say that these attachments can't be adapted to use for sexual stimulation.

For some popular electrical massagers, such as an Hitachi Magic Wand, and the attachments are not all you hoped for, you can purchase attachments that are made specifically for sexual play. Whatever type of attachments you have or purchase for your vibrator, feel free to experiment with them. Just because the instruction say that an attachment is designed to stimulate the penis head, for example, doesn't mean it won't feel great on your nipples or your clit.

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