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Can I insert a vibrator in my vagina?

Short Answer: Most dildo type (penis shaped) vibrators can be safely inserted in the vagina. Use lubrication (KY Jelly, Astroglide, etc.), start slow, and don't force it. Stop if you experience pain.

Long Answer: Most battery-powered vibrators are made to be inserted in the vagina. The smooth plastic types are not the most comfortable, however, so if you enjoy penetration, you may want to get a dildo-shaped vibrator made from jelly rubber, silicone, or cyberskin. Use a water-based lube. If you're concerned about hygiene or clean up, you can cover the vibrator with a condom.

If you have an electric (plug-in) vibrator, you will probably need to purchase attachments designed for vaginal insertion. The standard heads and attachments that come with most of these vibrators are either too large or not the right shape for insertion. Attachments available from sex toy retailers will fit your model of vibrator and are designed to be inserted vaginally and to stimulate the G-spot.

TIp: Use caution when inserting a small bullet or egg vibrator into your vagina, as it may be difficult to get it out. If you end up pulling on the wires of a vibrator repeatedly to retrieve it from your vagina, eventually they will come off. A better method is to place the vibrator inside a condom and push it into the vagina, leaving the open end of the condom outside the vagina. To remove the vibrator when you're done, just tug on the condom and pull the whole thing out.

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