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How do I use vibrators to stimulate my prostate?

Short Answer: Lubricate your vibrator and insert it about 2 to 3 inches into your ass. Angle it toward your belly button and switch it on.

Long Answer: If you really want to be certain you'll hit your prostate on the first try, you can get an angled T-shaped vibratorthat will aim straight for your P-spot. Otherwise, insert your vibrator about 2" to 3" into your rectum. This should put the tip of it near your prostate, which is located between the wall of the rectum and bladder. Angle the head of the vibrator toward your belly button or penis so it presses against the inner wall of your rectum. If you move it in and out slightly, you may feel it rubbing against the prostate. Switch it on if you haven't already, and use it to stimulate your P-spot, keeping pressure against the wall of the rectum. You can also move it down and then up, so you get it pressed up "under" the prostate. As the prostate gets stimulated, you may feel the urge to urinate. This is normal.

Whenever you insert anything into your anus, make sure it has a flared base or something to stop it from going all the way in. Use plenty of Lube, don't force it, and stop if you feel pain.

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